VMworld 2019 session #HBI1918BU

Are you attending VMworld 2019?

If so, have a look at my breakout session on the Agenda Builder "HBI1918BU - Rackspace on Building an SDDCaaS with VMware Cloud Foundation". In this joint session with VMware, we will discuss the benefits of VMware Cloud Foundation and how it's used by Rackspace to provide private clouds to their customers.

Rackspace is a service provider and offers a wide range of IT products to their customers. The focus of this presentation is "Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware (RPC-V)”. This product provides a dedicated software-defined data center (SDDC) as a service to customers and is available in both Rackspace and customer's data centers. The environment is built using the same VMware software that customers are using in their own data centers. The customer, therefore, accesses the SDDC using the same familiar VMware consoles and APIs. The customer manages VMs, storage policies, networks, and security themselves while relying on Rackspace 24/7 "fanatical support" teams to ensure the platform is stable, patched, and secure.

As a service provider offering an SDDC platform as a service to customers, Rackspace faces several challenges. The environment must be able to scale, and it is therefore critical that the platform is well-architected, stable, consistently configured, and have automated deployment and lifecycle management. The focus on the presentation is how Rackspace uses VMware Cloud Foundation to mitigate these challenges.

Cloud Foundation provides the design, deployment, and lifecycle management out-of-the-box for the full SDDC stack, including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vRealize components. By using Cloud Foundation, Rackspace reduces productization overhead by not having to work out the low-level design and integration between SDDC components. Cloud Foundation reduces risk by only deploying compatible versions of all SDDC components and provides built-in, thoroughly tested, workflows to upgrade from one version to another. Using Cloud Foundation ensures that all patches, upgrades, and architectural changes are automatically performed in the right order, making it impossible to end up in an invalid configuration. Cloud Foundation, therefore, increases the stability of the private cloud product and reduces overhead and time to market for new patches and upgrades.

To have the base product provided by VMware, Rackspace can focus on delivering value-added managed services to their customers, such as backup, DR, HCX, guest OS support, as well as managed NSX and security.

In addition to explaining how Rackspace has benefited from using Cloud Foundation, we will discuss lessons learned and provide recommendations and best practices.

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