Turn on Disk LED on HP P840 Storage Contoller

A feature of the ESXi 6 host is the ability for the VMware admin to turn on the LED of a physical disk from the web client (or command line), which enables them to indicate disks to datacenter staff. Running a vSAN cluster with HP Proliant DL380 G9s using a P840 storage controller in HBA mode for the vSAN disk, I tried to do this without any success.

Turning on a disk LED in the web client:

Turn on Disk LED in vSphere Web client

The tasks completes:

But, looking in the event log there is an error with the description "Failed to turn on the locator LED of disk..."

Similarly running the following command from the ESXi command line should blink the locator LED for 30 seconds:

esxcli storage core device set -d <naa nr> -l=locator -L=30

Generates the message:

Unable to set device's LED state to locator. Error was: HPSSACLI call in HPSAPlugin_SetLedState exited with code 1! (from lsu-hpsa-plugin)

Interestingly, turning on the LED works fine when the storage controller is in RAID mode.

I raised this with VMware GSS and HP and found out that this feature is actually NOT supported when the P840 storage controller is in HBA mode (I think this applies to the P440 controller as well). This is unfortunate as this feature is mostly relevant for ESXi hosts with many disks as part vSAN clusters, and the P840 (and P440) controller is only supported for vSAN in HBA mode. I'm waiting for HP to get back to me when and if they will add this functionality to their storage controllers in HBA mode.

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